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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions. To get you results. That a Major  music group would provide ! 
Media Strategy

promotions is key to any artist success .Unless an artist has a dam good catchy song the artist would need to promote their artistry It's like having lent and hiding it under a rock. But not just any promotions although we live in a digital age radio still control the star power. without radio spins you would almost 10million views o YouTube in order to get the attention of a major label. we operate more like a music label looking for the next hit. we promote u within the online retailers if your budget allows. we also offer radio spots on local los Angeles Radio. Please contact us for more details on add online and off line.


Digital Marketing

Our o line advertising partner are twitter Facebook and Google. our partnership with these agencies gives the MBP artist a chance to promote the release at a minimal cost. these as are effective building up your fan count on Demo websites like reverantion and I started there I think reverbnaton is a good place to start the charts are awesome. Our digital marketing Skills are a proven strategy it has propelled Ivan the Great to stardom and it will work for you also. We promote all our distributed artist why because Ivan was just like you good music but not properly marketed.


Branding & Identity

Monster Beats Publishing It's not what you know it's who you know. Monster Beats publishing has a name that tis recognizable and we are ASCAP certified to license music and distribute it to iTunes and more retailers online and offline.. radio station look at name presentation and then sound. The promotion of your music of you music makes the difference in the professional world of music . With our brand  Monster Beats you are not in the demo league  you are identified with a label The power of a Label protects your copyright and any Honors due in future. it tell radio station that have quality music worth their ears and not just some novice with music. 

Social Marketing

We use or social marketing power for our art. the internet boast more users than any other market if used right it n pack out shows and concerts. Face book is very powerful form of promotions you can reach more than a billion users worldwide. We use this power for Mons Beats artist on request and depending on your budget and hat you are trying to do. Twitter Google plus and more every artist should have a profile on the sites it build presence and familiarity. 

Off line radio submissons

All music submited to radio Must  be on cd with proper branding and publishing Licensing in place.


Your digital content will be distributed worldwide. Your content will be placed in a play list you will be able to easily share your release with monster beats community and social media {}. Every Monster beats artist and every artist that has distribution should  be there. We get your content heard and promoted. we give your artistry  the best chance to shine. we place your content in our artist showcase we place it in front of the world. we make stars out of artist. we promote you because we promote Ivan  

DIGITAL Distribution

MP3. Video. Digital Books.


Worldwide distribution no annual fee. one time  $49.99 set up fee

ISRC Codes only 5.00 no set up fee 

Billboard Charts Division
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