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We are a digital marketing & media agency. We live & breathe creativity. And we are committed to meeting your Music needs

we offer the best opporunity for an artist to get signed . We publishing license and distribute music “we not only distribute music we promote it through various means . we us powerful facebook ads and masive twitter campaigns that exsplode your fame into stardom,.

Making it in the musc businss is tough. It takes more than good muic it take show Busines.Get your musc heard by the right people who your sound will resonate with is  key an vital to your success. we promote,more than distribute your music” we Prmote it

Beause we are a direct source to music retailers we promote your artisty with the retailer. we give our artist top priority in promtions.we not only market your artistry on Face book , google partners we make your release stand out from the pack. with millions of artist releasing music it takes star power promotion

We distribute your artistry to over 200 store. This includes MP3 as well as videos and books. with Monster Beats Publishing you get more than a distributor . You get the Power of a record Label

DIGITAL Distribution

MP3. Video. Digital Books.


Worldwide distribution no annual fee. one time  $49.99 set up fee

ISRC Codes only 5.00 no set up fee 

Billboard Charts Division
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