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The binefits of useing Monster Beats publishing to break your track. 1. you get world wide distribution for your single, your single is added to the data base of over 200 stores, inclufing Itunes and Beats music. 2. you get a distributer who can get your release on the front page release section of spotify for an extra charge. 3 you get your own face book store 4. You get 1 week free promotion on top sites and facebook for your release, Click her to view store.5 you get your music if qulified Must be mixed and amsterd by a profesional mastring service. If you do not have a srvice that you can trust to get you the sound you like I recomend Raznik ,  The Dj submissions will get you clib play and or radio play are both if you have a hit record. If you believe your rap is good but unsre about your producer, Ivan The Great is a Grammy re3conized producer, and he can produce you a beat for your rap that is guarateed at the minium club play. all Ivan beats do well in the clubs. 6. you get your music placed in monster beat publishing llicensing store where producers look for new music fro film tv and radio comercials. 7 you keep 75% of your royalties. 8. your music will be officialy published with ascap, you will recieve roayalties for all your righters writes.. 9 Monster Beats publishing knows how to break your single. Total cost to break your single is only $100.00.


DIGITAL Distribution

MP3. Video. Digital Books.


Worldwide distribution no annual fee. one time  $49.99 set up fee

ISRC Codes only 5.00 no set up fee 

Billboard Charts Division
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