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Ivan The Great

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Jan 16 2014, 3pm
@KJLH Radio


Los Aeles, CA



Jan 26 2014, 3pm
@Travelers rest MBC


Lo Angeles, CA

Nov 12 2014/2o15, 8pm
@ Grammy awards


Los Angeles, CA


Ivan the Great was Born in the city of Los Angeles, to Zonnell Law on July 1st 1963. Ivan Law attended school in Los Angeles, Ivan the Great’s Mother was a devoted member of The United House Prayer for All people. Where Ivan the Great grew up with Horns in his ears from an infant, this is a very musical church with a 15 Piece wind instruments and drums band. They had to make us dance to that holy beat. I was all ways good on the bongos, my mother purchased a trombone for me, and the moment I picked it up I could play thank you lord. Everyone was always amazed because every instrument I picked up without practice I could play a tune. Not to mention that the sounds of the Lock High Saints would resonate threw the air; I would all ways go outside to hear their sound.                                                                                                                                                       I met my uncles step sons and found my uncle; he would become my best friend and mentor. He had the instruments; he was an old school blues musician guitar, bass, keys and drums. I pick up a bass for the first time and I found a tune slide by slave, my love for bass was born and I would never put it down. All through high school Jam sessions, I wasn't that good but I kept playing. I purchase the 808 and keyboard went to the studio and recorded my first song, without any practice ( Monkey see Monkey do ). This song was submitted to Kday. So I look for a distributor, I looked on the back of the Rumors single to see who did that one and that's how I Found Macola Records. So I sent my first record to them for distribution, their response was if you get this song in any rotation they would distribute it. But now its 1986 the summer and I have completed my home studio with a 808 drum Machine, Roland Key board, Microphone and a four track cassette! Rod Templeton has Michael Jackson smoking, with the Thriller album and the movie Robo cop comes out. I take a date to the movies and I really fall in love with the movie. I went Home Ready to write but I thought to myself I need a beat, because I had played my records at the clubs and no one danced. So I turned on the king of pop and there it was 4/4 in thriller so I took that common pop beat and laid my funk on top and wrote ( Robo Cop) Thus was born the West Coast sound! Pop and hip hop copyright 1986 10 yrs. before the west coast sound. After that I wrote Drop the Beat, and that song contains what I know is the oldest and first mention of 24/7 and where I named the art of beat making Copyright 1986. Submitted the Demo in 1986 to Macola Records but they did not call until 1991 the producer was there I was there, but I walked out. By that Time God had me preaching the Gospel. After the 1992 riot I knew that the community needed leadership in business. Ivan the Great is a legend in the community because of business. Ivan the Great has pastored and continues to minister today. I started free styling in high school as a rapper, I had a good flow I coined Drop the Beat, and dub the Lakers purple and Gold, God wanted to keep me close. I am proud to have made contributed to our culture. 1998-2006 was my second coming on the internet.  After the internet the music changed, making me a true innovator of hip-hop with more than one beat being used in hip-hop, the Toyland beat was dropped on the beat radio in 2005 royalties paid by Ascap. Label,  Monster beats © 1998 First record Label Star City Production 1986.


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